Frequently Asked Questions

But I can’t grow a beard?
     Maybe you’re too young, or maybe you're gender-prohibited.  Encourage your dads, brothers, friends, and coworkers to grow beards.  You, wives and girlfriends, have the greatest control over your man’s appearance.  Tell him how sexy you think charity is, and how you’ve always been kind of attracted to the Brawny man.  I bet you he’ll have some stubble growing the next morning.
     Also, those of you who can’t grow beards can still do a lot to spread the word on behalf of the men in your life, or just to get the word out in general.  Check out our Spread the Word packet to get the creative juices flowing.  Last year some of our best promoters couldn't grow beards.

But I already have a beard, what can I do?

     You can really get people’s attention!  Shave that beard off  and start over again.  You will be bombarded with comments that you can use to encourage other people to join the cause.  Those of you who already have beards may be some of the biggest fundraisers.
     But we understand if you can't part with your hard earned beard.  If you still want to get sponsors, we'd love to have you.  Sign up and and raise some money for this great cause!

I missed the start date? or I have an important event (my wedding, once every 10 years family picture, etc.) and won't be able to grow a beard the whole time?
     If you can't start exactly when we start or can't finish exactly when we finish, that doesn't mean you can't participate.  Let it grow as long before and/or after the big event, and let people know about it.  By the way, congratulations on getting married.

Who the heck are you guys?
     Check out our About Us page if you're so curious.

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