How to Get Involved

First sign up to grown a Christmas beard. Second promote that beard. Third fundraise. Donations go towards orphans in Haiti.
                                         How to Get Involved

First, sign up to grow a Christmas Beard. Post a picture of your freshly shaven face and come Thanksgiving day kiss your razor goodbye! Now you're set to raise some money and make a difference! Already have a beard? Get people's attention by shaving your beard off and starting over!

As you let your beard grow between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it will be a conversation starter to raise awareness and funds for orphaned children in Malawi, Africa.

Second, tell everyone the reason for your newly sprung facial hair. Share the cause in any way you can! Blast it on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, challenge others to a beard growing contest, hang up a sign at work etc. Click here for more ideas on how to spread the word! 

Third, ask everyone you know, and even people you don’t know, to sponsor your beard. Consider this a walk-a-thon on your face. Make a donation yourself and tell people to go online and donate on behalf of your beard. 100% of donations received go directly towards helping orphaned children in Africa. 

Come Christmas, your beard will be looking mighty fine. As you stroke it on Christmas Eve and contemplate keeping your beard year round, remember the difference you made this holiday season in Africa for the well-being of orphaned children.

Grow a beard, spread the word, change the world!